Code Of Conduct For Coca Cola Essay

1022 Words Jul 21st, 2015 5 Pages
Our mission statement seems to be broad at times, however, it covers the ingredients needed to ensure a successful recipe for our events. The company must be the mission statement, if the organization is to succeed. We have guiding principles, a mission/vision, now it is time for our code of ethics to be completed. During the process I reviewed the Code of Conduct for Coca-Cola. The company’s code of conduct is 49 pages long. A large global corporation needs to protect their assets as well as the successes that come with the risks. The next step is a hand and hand crucial process to ensure that the stakeholders and managers have an understanding for the ethical implementation as well as monitoring the performance for all employees. Our organization has the mission, the vision and a code of ethics to allow the board members, stakeholders/shareholders and managers to focus on being both a moral person and moral manager to our employees (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2014). We want moral traits such as integrity that will allow a moral manager to demonstrate thru role modeling (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2014). Shareholders have to understand our organizations ethical goals, mission, vision and the principles in which guide the decision making process for the company’s success. They need to be active owners, taking ownership into what the future holds not just investors looking for a return on investment. Strategic planning for ethical formulation and ethical implementation are two…

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