Essay about Cognitive And Dialectical Behavior Therapy

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The lives of many individuals are negatively impacted by a mental illness. Mental illness can be very crippling to those that have been diagnosed. Mental illness affects the behavior and thinking of a person. Each person that is diagnosed having a mental disorder can have their own unique experiences. Treatment for mental illness is helpful because it will show a person how to cope with the high emotions and the moods that affect their lives. Recovery from mental illness, including being able to deal with everyday life socially, academically and in work environments, is possible. Cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy is one approach that has been successful in the recovery of mental illness.
Dialectical behavior therapy is an extensive treatment program that has been proven to be successful in the treatment of mental illness. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a multimodal approach consisting of individual therapy, group skills training, family sessions, a therapist consultation group, and the availability of phone consultations (Fiorillo & Long). This form of therapy was originally designed to help individuals with borderline personality disorder (Chapman). In the 1970’s, Marsha M. Linehan became extremely interested in helping those that were suicidal. She decided to try a tactic that would help individuals to accept their lives and behaviors (DeAngelis). DBT helps people improve their lives and to help them have lives that are worth living (DeAngelis).…

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