Cognitive Defination Paper

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Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper
Lakeshia Jackson
May 2, 2011
PSY 360
Bonnie Johnson

Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper Cognitive psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with a person’s internal states and their cognitive functions such as, their problem solving abilities, their motivation, their thinking, and even their attention. The development of cognitive psychology is marked by several milestones in the field of psychology. With the need for change in theories and methods on how things are researched, certain developments ultimately lead to the development of cognitive psychology. This paper will cover four of the milestones that lead to the development of cognitive psychology. This paper will also cover
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The downside of abstract constructs was that they could not be demonstrable in observable behavior and thus were really speculative. The third milestone that this paper will cover is that neuroscientists and artificial intelligence researchers provided examples of how abstract constructs could be used effectively in a scientific way (Willingham, 2007). With the conception of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology; which was known as the new behaviorism, was able to take on new light. The unobservable that was previously speculative became a more corporeal reality. Artificial intelligence offered researchers a way to reproduce the unobservable mechanisms that occur during thought in a person. Neuroscience allowed a window into the biological framework within the brain. This lead to a better understanding of the neurochemical activity in the brain and how it was affected by the person’s activities as well as their thoughts. The fourth and final milestone that will be covered in this paper is the interaction of the representations and the processes that manipulate them can be likened to the workings of a computer (Willingham, 2007). The theory behind the mind working like a computer is that a computer uses representations to store and process information. It is believed that the human mind works in a similar way to process and store information.

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