College Vs. Pros : Should Athletes Leave School Early? Essay

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responsibilities” (Patterson). That is a problem because those athletes do not get the chance to develop fully as an adult. As we see every year there are the athletes that are still in college but take the chances between going professional in their sport or perhaps risking an injury that can potentially hurt there playing time in their sport. According to the article “College Vs. Pros: Should Athletes Leave School Early?” Clary gives us the pros to why athletes should leave college and go straight to their professional career as well as the pros of staying in college and receiving your degree before beginning a professional career. Clary states that, “leaving school for a professional sport allows great athletes to earn a living faster and provide for their families, prevents the risk of injury in college, and allows studies after their career”. Clary also states, “staying college and receiving a degree before beginning a professional career secures the future of the athlete, teaches maturity, and enhances knowledge”. Analyzing, the fact is that there are both positive and negative outcomes to both decisions. Finishing your education, athletes will benefit further because athletes not only will be educated but also will still have the athletic ability and talent to play in their professional sport. Whereas getting drafted right away doesn’t give you the full opportunity to earn a degree, and to even have a better fulfillment in life after athletes either…

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