Essay Coming Back College School From Maryland

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Coming Back To College

I graduated high school from Maryland. In the Spring of 1998. The class of 98 was full of relief, happiness. We as young adults begin our journey in the world. Some graduates got offered jobs, others joined the military and the remainder of the class went to college pursuing their careers of choice. As for me, I was clueless, everyone around me said I had to go to college. My parents, friends and teachers all adviced me to continue my education, they had high hopes for me. I did what was advised to me and took college courses for 3 semesters. However, I was not prepared for the rigorous studies and working. Work became a priority due to financial instability in my household. Unable to keep up with the school work and manage my time properly I finished the last semester and did not continued attending college. I thought to myself college wasn 't for everyone. Why should I make everyone around me tell me how to live my life. As I got a older, I got married and had two beautiful children. I was happy with the way my life was until my thirty-third birthday. I worked in the restaurant business and child care business since I was in my teens. I realized there was something missing I felt empty inside. I told my husband two years ago, I wasn 't happy how my life is turning out. He asked me "why do I feel that way"? I told him that he had a great career and you get to travel all around the world. He had great opportunities thrown at him all of the time! I…

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