Coming Of Terre Haute : How Big And Small They Are Essay

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Coming to Terre Haute, I didn’t really have an open mind, and I think that still affects the way that I look at it. I come from a somewhat big city, bigger than Terre Haute, called Indianapolis. Everyone would always tell me that it smelled here, that it was tiny and there was nothing to do. So, as you can imagine, I believed them. But did I really know what it was like? No. Now that I’m here though, I can see the differences in the two cities: how big and small they are, and what kinds of people are in each. Indianapolis is nowhere near a big city compared to Chicago or even Philadelphia, but it still has a bunch of buildings in it that are really big. It still has tons of one-way streets and it’s still impossible to find my way while driving. But with big cities come a lot of things to do: go to museums, walk the canal, sight see, ride around in the carriages, go to sporting events like the Colts and Pacers and Indians. If I were twenty-one I could go to all the interesting bars and even do that thing where I would peddle my friends and I around in a car and drink beer. There are tons of chains and self owned restaurants to go to as well.
Another good thing about living in the big city is that there will always be a concert to go to. But then I can venture out to the suburbs where I actually live. There are tons of neighborhoods and people outside mowing their grass and kids riding their bikes and skateboards, all with the city skyline in the background. There are more…

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