Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication Opinion Paper
Nikia Matthews
HCS 320
May 13, 2013
Sandra Anderson

Communication Opinion Paper The definition of communication is the importing or exchange of information or news. The most effective communication begins with two or more people, the person spoken to through verbal speech from one doing the speaking. This act is made successful when the people collaborate with one another. The tone and style of a person’s speaking is a factor that influences the understanding in any communication. Discussion is a process that can be thought with creating an atmosphere that is positive. Understanding the process of communication you will have to focus on what the word communication means. I will talk about fundamentals
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A message itself can be the most part of communication, as it is thought. Sometimes t message can be and opinion. It can be quite clear or it can be confusing and complex. There is another element of communication, which is called the medium. The way we send a message is called the medium. When we are speaking the use of audio and visual medium is used. When we use this we are also using different technological tools to communicate. These technological tools are changing as new things are innovated. When the use of technological tools used we may need to choose the right one for the different situations or settings. The communication process always or sometimes ends with feedback. Through feedback the speaker has an understanding of how the person listening understands what is being said and how they have taken the message. This understanding should help the process of communication as the speaker may change their techniques. This is how mutual understanding is achieved. So the exchange of feedback should be thought about in everyday communication. Communication and its process is a continuum of actions, reactions, and compromises. For example when a patient arrives at an appointment and the receptionist or nurse in the office in the waiting room is being uncurious, the patient may become distrustful. The patient

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