Communication Paper

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Communication Paper
Mrs. Loy

There are a variety of communication modalities available to health care consumers and health care providers. These modalities and venues of communication may entail benefits and challenges to both consumers and providers. The one communication modality that sticks out the most and that is used in health care as well as marketed is the Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
The EMR protects patients records by not letting them become exposed to the public. These records can also be kept by the patient as well as the doctor or any medical professional.
One aspect relating to the values and importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when using EMR as the mode of communication is that
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It helps get answers and request to and from a person. It is a faster communication tool then writing a letter, you can save it as a note as well. It is easy to access an email through and email engine. In fact, most times when an (EMR), PHR or other patient portal wants to send a secure email/message to someone they send an email which contains a link to an encrypted website that has a unique login. The reason they do this is because there’s no recognized and adopted standard for encryption of email (John , 2010.) When it comes to comparing these two an (EMR) would be the best one to use for accessing patient records and sending emails because it has secure login system that requires a person to use when they use it and email does not.
How might media and social networking change communication in health care? When it comes to media and social networking in healthcare it can change communication by the way it is advertised in different commercials how they display the communication device. How people see it on television, radio, newspapers, and health magazines would also help change it and make people want it more. Especially when it comes to doctors who would want the communication devices to help promote and bring more business to their office by displaying that he or she is now using the new communication devices like (EHR) or( EMR). Social media have changed the way in which health providers and pharmaceutical companies used to communicate

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