Essay on Community Profiles: Social Responsibilities

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Community Profiles: Social Responsibilities Johnny Vega University of Phoenix ETH316 Charles Daniels 19June 2014

Community Profiles: Social Responsibilities Social responsibilities are essential for community residents, whether in rural, suburban, or urban venues. Although the prevailing community and individual ethics and moral obligations are identified, the greater good to the communities is demonstrated through a primary theme; individual practices addressing social responsibilities within the
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People living in the Communities Our communities reveal noticeable similarities in demographic make-up. Overall, the communities are comprised of low, middle, and upper-middle class residents (City of Kyle, n.d. and ShadowGlen HOA, 2014 and United States Census Bureau, 2010).The communities’ multi-cultural heritage is balanced by diversity and a sense to share cultural norms among neighbors with a cooperative outlook.Thus, utilitarian consideration for the greater good of the communitiesinfluences individual ethics that segue into respectful Texan hospitality and courtesy (Boylan, 2009). Communities Resident Employment Employment is relatively similar for our communities; comprised of laborers; retail, industry, education, healthcare, law enforcement, and military professionals; and local, county and state government employees. The communities’ endeavors are prevalent in utilitarianism, social contractarianism, and deontology ethics (Boylan, 2009). Community time is primarily articulated through property maintenance and home upkeep. On a daily basis, the blending of inter-personal exchanges and neighborly assistance is an ethical behavior common among the individuals. How and Where Residents interact Interaction between residents occurs daily. Interaction can be as simple

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