Company Q’s Current Attitude Toward Social Responsibility Essay

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Evaluation of Company Q’s Current Attitude Toward Social Responsibility
Company Q is a small grocery store chain that recently closed two of its stores located in what was considered high-crime areas of the city. Closure of the stores is reportedly due to loss of revenue. Responding to years of customer demand, Company Q decided to sell a small selection of healthy and organic products in its remaining stores and they sold these products at high margins. Citing concerns of theft and fraud by its own employees, Company Q’s management opted to discard expiring (and high margin) healthy and organic food products over donating them to the local area food bank.
The supporting
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When we think of social responsibility, deciding to throw away usable food over donating it to those in need, for any reason, cannot be justified and gives an undesirable company image.
Address only the facts
A. Main Point #1 – the first sentence states the main point. Provide four more sentences to back up the main point with specific examples and references ad needed.
Recently closed a couple of stores in higher-crime-rate areas of the city, stores were consistently losing money.
Closure of the two stores is reportedly due to these stores losing money. These stores were located in high crime areas of the city, yet no facts were offered as to why these stores were not performing as expected. Operating in a high-crime area does not mean that a business cannot make money. Many businesses have tenure operating effectively in these areas of the city and learning their successful model (benchmarking) can be a true benefit to Company Q and its stakeholders. Yet, the company chose to close these stores, prioritizing profit and revenue over the needs of the local community. This is a responsible action to support shareholders, yet may not be what was desired by the local community.
Company Q made the conscious decision to operate stores in this specific area of the city. It is not known if this area was considered a high-crime area when the decision was made to open these two stores, and we don’t know if that was why the stores

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