Compare and Contrast Order Maintenance Responsibilities Essay examples

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Compare and Contrast Order Maintenance Responsibilities
Laura Jones
Grantham University

From ancient times to present day order maintenance has been something that has been needed to keep order within communities, tribes and even countries. Order of Maintenance the process in which police departments attempt to present order in our society. Police from every corner of the earth use these procedures just maintain it in different ways and have done so for many years.

In this written assignment similarities and differences between order of maintenance in the United States, New Zealand and Japan will be discussed. Order maintenance is an essential function of the police. To maintain order police
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Police officers at local levels have been dealing with terrorism since the 1960’s. In the United States we can use the three sociological perspectives to aid in the understanding of the jobs of our police officers. A functionalist would say that the job of a police officer is to make the community feel safe. Police perform take required actions to control traffic accidents which no other agencies are equipped to handle. Functionalist also see police performing duties as chaperones and possibly teachers for certain classes they feel that these functions are needed in society at this time and police officers are the perfect candidates to perform the needed duties. A conflict theorist would say that the police officers in schools are not there to protect the children and keep order but to gather intelligence information on illegal activities being performed by the students. Their theory actually sees the police as a representative for the parents and others who are within the community needing to know if and when something wrongful may happen. The interactionist would examine how different terminology is used by both the younger recruits and the veterans within different police departments. In large cities police officers off duty formally are not to respond to accidents but are required to call in emergency assistance. On an informal note if they are off duty they are authorized to respond. The actions of

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