Consummer Psychology and Marketing Communication Essay

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Running head: Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication Message

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication: A view to Concepts and Drives


February 27, 2013

This essay will discuss the definition of consumer psychology, and will describe the psychological concepts and their importance in developing a successful marketing communication message. It will further explain the relationship between consumer psychology and marketing communications.

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications: A view to Concepts and Drives

Business and organizations look for ways of understanding consumers’ needs and the best way to approach and provide those needs. Their goal is to achieve consumer
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Some view consumer psychology as limited in practicality. On contrary to the different points of view, consumer psychology contributes greatly to the advances in science as its real purpose is to address real-life people’s activities and preferences as well as contributing to the social action theory. In addition, it offers applications in the area of policies. For example, effects on issues such as monetary resources, private retirement funds, investments, or the consequences on tax reduction on customers are areas where consumer psychology contributes or influences tremendously. (Stein 2012)

Psychological Concepts and Marketing Communication Message
Three key concepts that consumer psychology uses are: * Peoples variables. It refers to consumer personality, opinion and decision process, as well as attitude. * Situation variables. This concept addresses the effects initiated by marketers. For example advertising, websites, product package and labels, discount coupons, key places for exposure for point-of-purchase, as well as different types of media such as periodicals to name a few. * Person by situation interactions. This refers to understanding of how people and organizations interact between each other. It also looks at the different ways some people respond in different situations as not everyone act the say way in all situations.

These three main concepts play an important role in

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