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Brenda Franklin had been serving Allied Tech for the past 8 years. As any other organisations, Brenda used to be a part of the lunch hour conversations with her colleagues. One day when her colleagues were discussing about corruption and politics, something occurred to her. As a result she prepared a list called “Ethically Dubious Conduct” and pasted it on the common notice board. Her colleagues were taken by surprise. Brenda was now anticipating the next lunch where she was expecting her list to be analysed among her colleagues.

2.0 Review each item on Brenda’s list and assess the conduct in question. Do you find it morally acceptable, morally unacceptable or somewhere in between? Explain.
The following items on Brenda’s list may be
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Actions such as taking a pad of paper, making personal calls from the office phone are no doubt wrong but they are of trivial in nature as they do not create a deep impact on the organisation.

4.0 Someone might argue that some of the things listed as ethically dubious are really employee entitlements. Assess this contention.

According to ethical relativism (LaFollette, 1991), Brenda considers that the ethical dubious list which she mentioned is unethical to the organizations. So for Brenda’s point of view they are considered as unethical because for her these ethical dubious conducts would cause loss to the organization. Some employees who believe that these are part of their entitlement because there is no law mentioned and they believe this is a part of their prerequisite while working in the organization is also ethical correct on their own view. In this situation, both parties are ethically correct because they have different ethical perceptions. Organization should also need to introduce the law to differentiate the guideline that will help in understanding that what is correct or not. These guidelines will help in drawing a line between what is right and what is wrong. As per ethic relativism, there is change of the ethics by the changing situations, so if the organization draws a guideline then the ethical definition of the

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