Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Essay

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Bonny van Dongeren
BUS 508
Dr. Steed
28 April 2014
Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies The Apple Corporation has very strong ethical and social responsibilities within the corporate world. They have also violated a lot of these ethical and social responsibilities which has caused it to hurt Apple Corporation’s reputation. One of the violations that will be discussed is the Wage and Benefits Standards. It is very important that Apple continues to follow these standard responsibilities. The other important factor to consider is keeping a price that will still keep Apple’s customers happy while paying their employees well. Apple has a lot to consider when dealing with their products, employees, customers, marketing, etc.
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Specifically, Apple launched the Clean Water Program pilot with 13 supplier’s sites to increase reuse and recycling. This is a great way to show social responsibility by giving back to the environment and help keeping it clean. It is strategic importance to follow corporate social responsibility for many companies, including Apple. Establishing trust is the center to customer benefits and employee benefits. “The objective is to examine the extent to which a supplier’s stakeholder-directed activities in the form of corporate social responsibility engagement create customer benefits that ultimately enhance customer loyalty.” (Homburg 56) As long as you are aware of loyalty and trust being important with productivity and customer satisfaction then the company will be successful. “Drawing on social exchange theory, we posit that trust constitutes an instrumental benefit for customers by reducing exchange uncertainty and lowering the transaction costs associated with reaching, adapting, and enforcing mutually satisfying agreements. (Kollock 1994) Apple has not always followed social and ethical responsibility. For example, Apple was found polluting local communities in China with hazardous waste. This can cause a lot of customers to be dissatisfied and can then create a loss of customers buying their products. When people find out that a major company they are supporting is polluting the air and water surrounding their environment it can cause a lot of

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