Corporate Social Responsibility and Specific Strategy Differences

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Group 7 Exercises (suitable for use with the chapter relating to global competition and competing in foreign markets)
1. Is the international market arena in which your athletic footwear company competes characterized by multicountry competition or global competition? Explain why.
We will say that it is global competition, because global competition refers to the situation when products and services requirements from country to country are similar and close. We will say that in this market they are pretty similar. Of course there is a need to adjust our prices in countries with lower purchasing power but demand is huge for same products as in other regions.

2. Is your company employing a global strategy in branded footwear or a
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Due to unavailability of hedging this risk with long term contracts (futures, options) this seems like best choice we have.
To what extent, if any, have you and your co-managers adapted your company's strategy to take geographic differences in import tariffs into account?
We did that by exporting from NA to LA where tariffs are non-existent. Also, the only tariffs we are paying are in EA region but they are not high enough to endanger our profitability.
Group 8 Exercises (suitable for use with the chapter relating to ethical strategies, social responsibility and environmental sustainability)
1. What is your company's strategy for exercising social responsibility and being a good corporate citizen?
We invest money in work diversity programs and ethic training of all employees. Also we invest money in energy efficiency initiatives.
2. Would your company pursue a corporate social responsibility strategy if there was no payoff in the form of a higher image rating? Why or why not?
Probably not because it doesn’t have any impact on the game and the goal of the game is to have high profits. Hence, if our goal is to win this game that would be useless spending of money.
3. Should shareholders be pleased with your company's social responsibility strategy and the amount of resources you are devoting to this effort? Cite at least 3 convincing reasons in support of your answer.

Our shareholders are pleased. 1)We invest

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