Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility Of A Pubic Backlash

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in the increasingly competitive world business need to look for any competitive edge they can get by promoting ethical behaviours they are able to mitigate the risks of a pubic backlash against them if they are found to conducting unethical practices. this can be seen in many cases such as Nike’s use of sweatshop factories or AIG’s blat latent excessive risk taking and selling of CDOs and CDS. many firms have also promoted their use of corporate social responsibility to help them gain a competitive edge by associating their brand with ethical behaviours. in this day in age consumer have become increasing aware of companies practices and place a higher value on products the have been produced ethical and are produced by companies that go above the normal requirement. managers are now using it as a tool for market leverage instead of seeing it as an extra added cost. Increasingly managers are caught between doing of any demand for corporate social responsibility by consumers and the public however investors demand profits the short term and it only says corporate social responsibility as an extra and cost. Of increasingly been using cause relate to the marketing is away of the feeling their ethical requirements in the eyes of the public while also benefiting from it. In the US cause-related marketing has increased from one 52 million dollars to 852 million dollars. These campaigns help boost the image of the organisation while also increasing morale amongst employees.…

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