Corporate Social Responsibility Of Nike Essay

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Both Jeff Ballinger and Nike both have biased approaches to business and are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Nike is a corporation that considers itself not responsible for its contractors and treatment of its workers and has little regard for CSR. Ballinger on the other end is a crusader for closing the gap for low paid worker’s wages and holds corporations responsible for CRS.

In order to decide whether Jeff Balllinger has a convincing argument we need to understand his passion, beliefs and credibility.

Ballinger’s passion: Ballinger was personally concerned about the gap between wage rates in both developed/developing worlds and the opportunities this gap created for developed countries to exploit low-wage that do not have access to political connections. Jeff Balinger’s passionate argument is that “any company has a significant obligation towards even its lowliest worker” (Spa, 4).

Ballinger’s beliefs: Ballinger believed Nike contractors in particular were the one’s not following Indonesian labor laws and paying below means wages. Balinger believed, that Nike’s basis of cost fostered and encouraged contractors to mistreat their workers due to unrealistic Nike quotas.

Ballinger’s credibility: In 1991, Asian-American Free Labor Association (AAFLI, a branch fo the AFL-CIO) and Instiut Teknology Bandung (ITB) both publish highly critical reports on foreign companies in Indonesia documenting abusive practices…

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