Corporate Social Responsibility Of Starbucks Corporation Essay example

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Corporate Social Responsibility
The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the Corporate Social Responsibility of the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, Starbucks Corporation. Every corporation has a large responsibility to uphold the ideals of CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility involves corporations and organizations meeting the requirements to better the environmental aspects, community life, and overall well-being of the people involved within it. The ultimate goal is to have each corporation meet these requirements in a positive and successful manner without causing the wrong attention.
Starbucks focus to improve its CSR are shown mostly through its beliefs on Human Relations and Rights.
About Starbucks
At some point in your life you may have passed by or have been to a Starbucks coffeehouse because it happens to be the largest coffeehouse corporation in the world. It holds 23,123 locations that range from the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and other places. The first coffeehouse opened in Seattle Washington back in 1971 and the expansion has clearly increased over time. Starbucks began with three college students interested in making and selling coffee and is now a billion dollar corporation. Originally famous for its delightful expresso coffee the company now features hundreds of items from coffees, teas, and energy drinks to quick lunches, snacks, and desserts. Starbucks is well-known all over the world not only for its coffee but for its…

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