Crash Course On Taking Care Of Teenagers Essay

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Crash Course In Taking Care of Teenagers
If you don 't have kids, then you understand that life is pretty much on your terms. You get up when you want. You eat when you want. You take a nap when you want. You go to bed when you want. And your house is pretty darn quiet unless you are making noise in it. But, I 've come to learn that it all goes to shit when you have teenagers in the house.

I 'm 37 and I don 't have kids, but my best friend has three of them - ages 13, 14, and 16. She lives on the other side of the country and her parents live in my city.

She sent her kids to her parents last week, but unfortunately a family death occurred where she lives and her parents had to fly home to her for just over a week - so she asked me to look after her kids until they get back.

She has always lived far away from me, so usually when we get together we make our time more about us than about the family. In other words, I haven 't been around her kids too much. Certainly not alone.

In any case, without hesitation I said I would look after them, but I was a little scared.

Okay, I was A LOT scared!

Here I Go...

My friend 's parents booked a flight the same morning of the death, so I had a 15-minute crash course around what to do with the kids as their grandparents tried to pack and catch their breath.

I acted like I was totally cool so that they could just focus on packing and getting out of the house, but I knew that I had no idea what I was doing.

Here 's what was going…

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