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The escape.
I woke up on a summer day, birds chirping, children playing, but all the joy and the innocence of this was behind me. I couldn't just get up and play, or sing, because I was chained to a wall. This is what happens in this country when you commit something really bad. The war finished a few years ago but the situation here wasn’t as beautiful as some people tried to show it. My friends and I were caught by police while we were having my 23rd birthday party. They just came in and took us somewhere.
I was lying in my own filth, tied up for several days, without being able to go to the toilet; it's not a pretty sight. My body was slowly wasting away, no food, and only drops of water, I felt like I was slowly passing away even
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No one has ever done that before, however, I was in a different situation I had two of my friends here and I knew that we could not give up because otherwise we would never see the life outside the fence again. The prisoners in here were saying things like ‘’Once you walk in, you never walk out.’’ It was the highest security prison in the world. My friends got back to normal again after they were able to go outside for a bit.
We had to escape, we were the only sane ones in there, my mind wasn’t completely at ease but I was doing whatever I could to think about the plan on how to successfully escape. You see, everyone else was going crazy wondering about their loved ones, but I had no one. My mom died when I was born and my dad died because of cancer when I was 6. My foster parents didn't love me, they used me as a tool, just saw me as an extra pair of hands to use around the house. I ran away at the age of sixteen, I met a guy called Finn (he’s here with me), he was about 20 years older than me. He offered me a place to live if I worked at his pub. I agreed.
My fist plan was to escape during the night, climb the fence and cross the border under the cover of dark. That seemed fine, until I realized I was tied up during the night and most part of the day. No, a better plan would be to steal one of the guard’s trucks. However, the biggest problem that I had was the chains...
I had seen few prisoners being pulled to a dark hut outside

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