Creedo Paper

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Credo Paper
Everyone has a core set of beliefs that dictates how they should lead their lives. These core beliefs are usually molded by one’s upbringings and personal experiences, and as such they can be readily modified as new information presents itself. As a college student, soon to take the next step into adulthood, I think it is important to not only define my core set of beliefs but also challenge them to make sure they hold up against any personal experiences I may have had or will have. In order for me to define my core beliefs, I must first identify where these beliefs stem from. In my case, I was born a devout Sikh, and as such I adhere to the three pillars of Sikhism which include: living honestly, meditating, and giving back
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The Sikh faith preaches living honestly, meditating, giving back to others, and loving your family which are things that all human beings should include in their moral code regardless of their faith. I simply want to use Sikhism as a tool to instill a basic moral code for my children, and then as they grow older I want to give them the liberty to choose the path of religious faith (if any path at all) that they want to follow.
I believe in God because without God we would not be able to explain the inherit randomness of the world. Consider the following scenario; a man jumps out of plane in hopes to finally fulfill his lifelong dream to skydive. There he is at 4,000 feet ready to deploy his main parachute when for some reason whether it be because the main canopy doesn’t come out of the bag, or perhaps it doesn’t inflate, he has a canopy that he cannot use to land safely. At first the man doesn’t panic because he knows that in the unlikely event that his main chute doesn’t open, he can always resort to his reserve chute. So there he is, now at 3000 feet, ready to deploy his reserve chute when he realizes that his reserve chute does not deploy. At this point, the man knows that he can do nothing but face eminent death. Physics tells us that if a man is traveling in free fall from

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