Essay on Critical Analysis Of Community Risk Reduction

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Critical analysis of Community Risk Reduction Risk reduction is the modern trend in community as a way to prevent or limiting the dangers from occurring. This program the fire departments should implement will teach and show each hazard or dangerous area within their town. There are a variety of impacts that this program has to the community and fire department. In addition, creating a risk program will provide a strong and highly thought out strategy to tackle this situation. Also, fire departments have multiple resources to design a program that will show these problem areas, as well as, prepare the department to recognize how to present the findings as a benefit to the community.
Literature Review
Risk Reduction. Risk reduction will prevent and protect the community and the firefighters from future events. Community risk reduction is the present day “replacement” for fire prevention. Risk reduction creates, learns, and informs both the community and the fire department about different hazards that could be within the town. In the past, fire prevent had an enormous rolling in the fire service, by teaching the community on safety measures to prevent harmful situations that are hazardous and possibly even fatal from happening . However, over time this progressive trend grew into a reactive state rather than a proactive state.
Fire prevention previously was also done by creating codes, standards, and other items that were in result of deadly or reoccurring situation. In…

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