Critical And Social Theory Of Feminism Essay

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Feminist literature. This term is applied to a number of works in the category of critical and social theory of feminism, which addresses sex differences from the perspective of equalizing men and women 's places in society. Feminist literature challenges the concepts of gender by making readers question how we use language in our everyday lives and how this could affect our perceptions of men and women. It originated with what is now known as first wave feminism, coinciding with the women 's suffrage movement of the 19th and 20th centuries. First wave feminism set out to prove that women were deserving of equal legal rights ton men. The term was brought up when second wave feminism became defined. Second wave feminism began in the 1960s and redirected the argument. Although women were legally, in theory, men 's equals, second wave feminists brought up that men still had social and political advantages over women.
It is important to bear in mind, when viewing feminist literature, that the vast majority of literature up until this point in history has either been neutral, male chauvinist or written by male chauvinists. Due to their own upbringings, many of the most successful and powerful men in history have assumed that women were lesser or weaker. For example, Pythagoras stated that man came from “a good principle that created order, light” and woman from “a bad principle that created chaos, darkness”. Although his philosophies are less used in common situations than his…

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