Criticism From Home, Office And All Around Essay

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In our society today we are dealing with positive and negative criticism from home, office and all around. Criticism is the expression of approval or disapproval of the persons. Criticism is also the judgement passed by others after analyzing and evaluating the person’s work or merits. In business and in general as well you need to be open to criticism and to know how to behave on criticisms. Criticisms are of many types such as political, economic, sociological and psychological but broadly speaking we can categorize criticism as Negative and Positive.
Positive Criticism is when a person criticizes your work in a positive manner then let you know about your faults and demerits and at the same time get encouragement for your good work. This gives you an opportunity to work on your faults and get better with the work in future. Have you ever thought how strong the word “positive” is? It just happened that I thought about it and was amazed by his power. It makes our mind to think of things belonging to the light side.
When you think of the effects we get when we see the word – positive. Adding the word “positive” to a noun draws our minds to think of better outcome.
The same effect is achieved when it is connected with the word “criticism”- coming up with positive criticism”. Most of us feel to be doing the right, thinking we are the best and can’t make mistakes. Self belief and determination is good but when it is overdue tends to be harmful, it is better to realize our…

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