Criticism of American Apparel Essay

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There has been sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Charney, in which he denies (Smith). He was an amateur pornographer and uses his ‘expertise’ in his ads (Smith). He has had workers working for him that were unable to supply proper working papers (Clark.) “Legalize LA’ is a campaign started by the company (Showcase & Discover Creative Work). These are all factors that result in much criticism of American Apparel.
For Dov Charney, walking around the office in his underwear is normal. However, for everyone other than Charney, this is abnormal behavior. According to Charney, he frequently drops his pants to ‘market’ his new products (Mankiewicz). Dov Charney has faced quite a few lawsuits for harassing sexually harassing female
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The ASA decided to ban the photos because of nudity and a few for being exploitive (Krupnick). While the ads for American Apparel are extremely provocative and can be seen as offensive and exploitive, there are no signs to show that Dov Charney and his company will change their style of advertising. Legalize LA is a movement started by American Apparel supporting immigration. Immigration is an issue that American Apparel feels strongly about and supports tremendously. However, it’s been shown that American Apparel may be a little too ambitious about immigration. A few years back, an investigation showed that 1,600 out of the 4,500 American Apparel employees at the Los Angeles factory were unable to provide documentation of their legality (American Apparel Investigated for Hiring Illegal Workers). According to Fox News, the employees were able to get the job by “suspect and not valid eligibility documentation” (American Apparel Investigated for Hiring Illegal Workers). In response to this, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has said that the documents are checked of all employees and that they don’t over or under document but rather document in a ‘precise’ manner (American Apparel Investigated for Hiring Illegal Workers). As a result of the investigation on American Apparel for hiring undocumented workers, the company was forced to lay off those 1,600 employees (Clark).

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