Crossfit Is The Best Workout Program For Everyone Essay

1651 Words Jul 5th, 2015 7 Pages
Music blaring, clock ticking, and yelling; this may sound like chaos to you, but to most CrossFitters, this is what we can call our home. CrossFit is the best workout program for everyone. You use CrossFit in everyday activities, the intense workouts are good for you, and the training gets you feeling safe and comfortable before you start adding weight. The controversial topic of CrossFit raises many safety concerns, when, in fact, it is not dangerous. Over the last few years the CrossFit business has been getting larger and larger. CrossFit gyms, or in other words “boxes” (Worthington), have been popping up everywhere and not everyone knows what it is. “It’s a workout program that’s unpredictable, uncompromising, and raw” (Alfonsi). When it mentions that it is uncompromising we should consider that part of the safety. In CrossFit you aren’t compromising form just to lift the heaviest weights possible, meaning that the sport cares and looks out for every ones well being. CrossFit is considered a competitive sport but in the box we are all competing with the clock and not so much with how much weight other people can lift. No compromises their health just to be stronger than everyone in the box. Another thing CrossFit doesn’t compromise is your social life. The short hour-long workouts make it to where you can squeeze it into your schedule without taking to much time away from other things. A normal CrossFit class entails a group warm up, a skills session where everyone…

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