Cryptography, A Form Of Protecting Data Stored Or Being Transmitted

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This chapter began with a brief introduction of cryptography. This chapter defined cryptography as a form of protecting data stored or being transmitted even though entrusted path, so that it become unreadable for unauthorized entity. The chapter further described cryptography as being dated back to 2000 b.c. in Egypt. History of cryptography was also examined in this chapter. This chapter observed the usage of cryptography method back around 200 b.c. to hide information with a method called atbash. Atbash is a way of flippering or shifting letters on the original alphabet in a message so as to hide the true meaning of the message. For instance, the atbash encryption follows this routine:
So the word,” information” when encrypted with this method will be rmulinzgrlm

Different type of cryptography have been deployed in the past throughout civilization, but we could see today that cryptography, according to this chapter, is part of our daily living and scheme of work. Protection is very important and crucial to every organizations, individual and even homes, and because of the increased literacy level toady compared to the years past, the encryption mechanism has been very intense and deep.

However, this chapter discussed about the symmetric encryption ciphers. It indicated that the symmetric encryption ciphers are in two phases, the substitution, and transposition (also called permutation).
• Substitution cipher - This…

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