Csr : Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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CSR is corporate social responsibility. By the abbreviation, CSR means corporation becomes responsible towards society. The actual definition of CSR is not yet clear. But according to E U Commission [(2002) 347final:5] “CSR is a concept where by companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”. CSR is based on the concept of do “good business” for a good society- today and for the next generations. The main aim of using CSR in business is to increase the profits with thinking of society welfare. For the business society is essential who demands.CSR demands a symmetric change. For this, companies need stronger integrative perspective based on system of deontological values and which is related to the company’s “core business”. This means social and economical area must be taken into consideration. This essay will argue about the ways how companies use CSR for the welfare of the society and save environment.
To begin with, the most common use of CSR is for the benefit of employees. Employees are the essential part of business which leads it to success. In today’s time the getting the efficient employees is not possible. So company never wishes to lose them and think for their benefits. Company provide the best facilities to them by giving safety suit and safety shoes. For motivating them, company gives extra bonus for overtime and on festivals. Good machines are providing…

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