Cultural Identity And Bias, Cultural Patters And Intercultural Communication

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The movie Crash is a multidimensional film set in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and exhibits the various cultures living in one city and how these multiple cultures interact. The tone of the film seems very somber as it views the life of individuals from different social classes and areas and how lives can intersect and impact one another. This paper will evaluate and explain the impact of cultural identity and bias, cultural patters and intercultural communication within this film.
Cultural Identity and Bias
One of the best examples of cultural identity and race in this film is through the character Jean, played by Sandra Bullock. Her cultural identity is that of an upper class individual living in a nice and safe neighborhood with expensive cars and clothes. Her husband is in politics and this seems to also give her social class a boost because she is not only rich but her husband is powerful as well. This identity of Jean’s seems to instigate cultural bias simply through the distinct separation of social and economic class she has with nearly everyone else in the city. In Jean’s first scene, when she and her husband are walking down the street, she glimpses two African-American teenagers and automatically feels she might be in danger, for no reason. She even turns her ring around to avoid the big diamond being seen by the teenagers so that she won’t be robbed. The couple eventually is car-jacked by the same teenagers and her ethnocentrism compounds. This is shown by…

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