Essay on Cultural Legacy : Malcom Gladwell

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In Outliers, Malcom Gladwell discusses about cultural legacy. He explains that cultural legacy affects the people’s behaviors and toward success. He uses the examples of Harlan, Kentucky people that their cultural legacy led them to behave aggressively. Similarly, in Stand and Deliver, Escalante uses cultural legacies of students to go against their cultural legacy which stops them from being successful by showing the right guidance and support. Escalante comes from the same ethnic back ground with most of the students. Therefore, he knows that the most of the students’ families are poor and lack the importance of education. Even more, he sees that students in the class nor the school does not feel important to be highly educated. Therefore, he uses cultural legacy to change the students by being motivational and supportive toward his students. He expresses to them that they can overcome their situations of being excel in school to get a better job in the future. He ultimately wanted their students to go against their cultural legacies. For example, Escalante becomes like a father figure to a character named Angel. In the beginning of the movie, he shows up late to the class with his fellow friend and when he makes fun of his “leader” friend in the class and keeps him after the class, Angel slaps him in the face as warning him. However, when Escalante tells the class that, being tough only gets frying chicken jobs, his direct message influenced Angel to change his attitude…

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