Culture 's Impact On Communication Essay

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Here is the report you requested about the culture’s impact on communication. Undoubtedly, there is a huge impact of cultural differences on the communication process and in this regard, it is important for the people to know about the cultural behavior of the members of the society. The information about the low and high context cultures provides important details about the type of people and their cultural practices, which makes it easier for others to interact with them. The cultural differences are sometimes considered as a huge barrier to effective communication because of the differences in the cultural practices and linguistic differences. In this respect, it is wise to become knowledgeable about different cultures, and for this purpose, this memo has been represented to you.
Differences between High-Context and Low-Context Cultures
It has been witnessed that the terms high-context and low-context are used in order to describe the cultural differences among the societies.
Within the high context cultures, the society or the people have close as well as strong relations and connections with each other that last for a long time. In this type of context, the cultural behavior must not have to be made explicit because the people know about the cultural behaviors of each other due to the long term interaction. An easy example of a high-context environment can be your own family (High and Low-Context, 2003). These are examples of high-context cultures: small…

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