Cyberbullying Is An Unhealthy And Cruel Act Essay

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Cyberbullying is an epidemic that has increased exponentially in the last several years. The reason for the growth is due to the advancement of technology, increased adolescent use of social media, and until recently, a lack of public awareness. Health care professionals, law makers, educators, parents, and peers must unite to reduce cyberbullying. Forming a multi-faceted line of defense that includes: educational programs, public awareness, continued research on the effects of bullying, stricter public policy, and parental involvement; is the answer to diminishing this rampant social plague. Furthermore, defying the atrocity of bullying is Biblical, and fits into the Christian tenet.

Bullying is an unhealthy and cruel act, and with such a large number of students reporting to have been bullied, a decisive and direct plan of action is needed. “In a national survey of more than 15,000 students, ranging from 6th to 10th grade, nearly one of every four students had been a part of bullying” (Santrock, 2014, p. 351). A large number of adolescents fall prey to cyberbullying. Recent studies show that nearly 20-35% of children will experience cyberbullying (Diamanduros, T; Downs, E; and Jenkins, S. J., 2008). In fact, Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, has listed over 28 different types and formats of cyberbullying in his article, “2012 Cyberbullying Tactics” showing the growth and intricate nature of the epidemic (Nuccitelli, 2012). This prompts the question: What exactly is…

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