David Reimer Psychology Paper

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Nature vs. Nurture: David Reimer
In the summer of 1965 at a hospital in Winnipeg, Canada. Janet Reimer gave birth to identical twins, Bruce and Brian. The two twin boys were born healthy, but at the age of six months both twin boys had difficulty urinating. At that time the doctors recommended that Bruce and Brian undergo circumcision in order to solve the problem. Unfortunately for Bruce the medical team used an unconventional technique of cauterization involving an electric burning device called electrocautery needle instead of a standard scalpel. During this operation Bruce’s penis was destroyed. The Reimer family was devastated with the mutilation of Bruce’s penis. During the following months they searched for answers through
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Therefore for his own selfish gain he decided to use Bruce and Brian; two twin boys (one believing they were a girl) raised by the same people and treated in the exact same way. This allowed him to use them for his private case study to experiment on Bruce while using Brian as control.
At the age of 21 months Bruce underwent surgery for castration. Bruce was now Brenda, and Janet and Ron Reimer were told to raise her as a female. Money gave strict orders that it was forbidden to tell anyone including the twins that Bruce was a girl. They proceeded to raise her as a girl and not tell her or anyone else about her medical history.
The Reimer’s accepted their child as a daughter and continued to give Brenda the hormonal supplements. In spite of their efforts at the age of 7 Brenda began to act in a masculine way. She rejected all types of toys, dolls, dresses. She started to mimic her father’s actions as opposed to her mothers. She felt more and more like a boy physically and mentally, and she wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Her twin brother Brian stated that “The only difference between him and Brenda was that she had longer hair”. She continued rejecting the fact that she was a female. Eventually she wanted to stand up while urinating and she had no intention in accepting a feminine identity.
When Brenda was 14 years old, she continued rejecting the feminine identity that was forced upon her. She also tried multiple suicide attempts and

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