Decision of Uncertainty Paper

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Decision of Uncertainty Paper

As a health care establishment, it is easy to become caught up in the day- to- day tasks at hand without addressing the needs or concerns of the patients. With the change in the economy and the reasons for the emergency room being utilized, it is important to take a moment to see how the flow of the delivery of services can be confined to smooth transitions. This paper will include appropriate probability concepts, rationale, statistical analysis, and a decision tailored to research studies specific to the thesis statement, question response types, and classification of our findings. Thesis Question
"Does the emergency room get utilized more by a particular race and is
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The emergency room is full of random variables ranging from common cold, pneumonia, dehydration, anxiety attacks, flu, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and wounds resulting from violent crimes. The rise in emergency care treatment can be attributed to lack of insurance, current economic situation, lack of education or truly an emergency. The location of the emergency center can play a role in the variance of different ethnicities seeking services. The collection of data should include race, address, if the patient has a vehicle and question raised as to why the patient is visiting the emergency room.

Identify Tradeoffs between Accuracy and Precision Required by Various Probability Concepts and the Effect on Your Data

Validity refers to the ability of parameter estimates to on average reflect what they are intended to reflect. Precision reflects the degree to which parameter estimates cluster upon repeated execution of a study under identical conditions. In dealing with the emergency room, it may never be possible to obtain the desired levels of accuracy and precision required to support the desired direction of the facility. The information collected can have an effect on data in that different state of minds enter and exit the emergency room at all hours of the day and night.

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