Decline Of The Family : Conservative, Liberal, And Feminist Views

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The American Family Conservatives, liberals and feminists have differing views on many issues. One of the important issues that each ideology focuses on is the family. Janet Giele 's essay “Decline of the family: Conservative, liberal, and feminist views explains the different viewpoints of the differing schools of thought. The New York Times ' series " The changing American family", presents a variety of contemporary families to underscore the ways in which family in our society is diversified. In the final story ,"Simply Deciding to Be related", a man becomes a family member though necessity. The family is facing multiple grave issues. According to Janet Giele people are getting divorced at a higher rate. There are more teen births now than ever before. This has forced more women to start working. People are not waiting till they are married to have sex and have children. The most disturbing statistic is the rise in suicide rates in teenagers which is due to higher levels of violence and addiction. In the last story, in the article a family friend become a member of the family due to a biological family member developing lung cancer. Matthew Tanksley met Caleb Reese in 2001 at a concert and immediately became close to him. He was considered the "big brother that Caleb never had". When Caleb was in the hospital he become a part of the family and he would keep in constant contact with Caleb and the rest of the family. He would eat during family dinners and contact them…

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