Defining Civic And Social Responsibility Essay

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Defining Civic and Social Responsibility

In a recent article concerning corporate social responsibility, it reveals; “a survey conducted by and BEYOND Communications Inc. shows big changes in how CEOs reported on corporate social responsibilities.” (Go figure - corporate social responsibility, (2005). This point of view is changing within the corporate world. CEOs are now taking note that this needs to be incorporated into the structure and is a significant strategic item.
So what is the meaning behind civic and social responsibility? In the business frame of mind, it can have different meanings depending on the person you are speaking too. When asking an engineer or executive from the 50’s and 60’s, civic and social responsibility was viewed differently and acted upon differently as the priorities may have been in the areas of building and developing towns and cities for the future versus sustainability.
Today, the same dedication may be different and the outlook may be viewed in a new light. It may be one of maintenance or re-engineering a project that is twenty years old. As such example would be the bridges that are in need of attention and require the integrity to be updated of the structure. “The project” took a group of students and professionals to a new level by creating a real-life opportunity and turned it into a competition that had an amazing results.
The Project Key words to consider are “partnerships and collaborations” especially as we discuss “the…

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