Essay on Defining New Mannerisms For Other People

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A manager has a duty to ensure their team is working well together. Many tools can be available to the staff, but if employees are not held accountable, they will not exert the effort required to make it successful; “we take in and process information differently, we have different behavioral preferences, and we orient ourselves from different starting points which influence how we see the world” (Perich-Anderson, J., 2013). People see the world differently, even if you grow up next door to each other, have the same friends, and work at the same place, the way you function is going to differ. People’s values will affect their mannerisms which will determine their ability to speak effectively and listen efficiently. Creating new mannerisms for other people is not an easy task. It is best approached though holding each staff member accountable and reiterating the importance of utilizing the tools that are available so the idea is continually put in their minds.
Social and electronic media can actually hinder the ability to communicate effectively if not used appropriately. There is no listening involved which leads to a false perception of the material being relayed. The lack of face to face communication allows one to read the words, see the pictures and then draw their own conclusion without visual ques. Although at least two parties are involved, human contact is absent, thus leaving the reader isolated. As discussed previously, an isolated employee leads to poor job…

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