Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Demonstrative Communication Paper
Cassandra Wright
BCOM/275 Version 1
July 19, 2012
Robert Jenkins

Demonstrative Communication Paper
We are going to explore some effective and ineffective examples of demonstrative communication in a positive and negative way for the sender and receiver. Also explain how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding. This will include nonverbal and unwritten communication which involves facial expressions, inflection in the voice and body language. We have experienced one of these communications in one way or another.

“Verbal communication is the spoken word and includes actual words, intended and inferred meanings, tone and vocal inflection.” (Lee, Duck, McMahan, & Lambert,
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One way to think of effective and positive communication is right now when election time is around. The different candidates running for president have to be able to listen to the people and verbally tell them what they can do for us and what changes they are going to make. When a person is able to sit down and communicate with each other and listen, respond this makes communication more effective and positive.
There are also some ineffective and disadvantages to verbal communication. For instance, verbal communication may be forgotten when there is a lot of communication going on. People are always taking their words and misinterpreting them the wrong way. Using words that are slang or jargon in a business setting can be very ineffective and hard to understand.
Demonstrative nonverbal communication language is without using words but with body language, gestures, facial expression, and body posture. We can break down nonverbal communication with everything we do. We as people use this with meeting others for the first time with no verbal communication. We use our eyes to see if this is someone we would even consider getting to know. Even while driving, one uses gestures within our car to convey nonverbal communications to other drivers. For example if we are at a red light and behind another car the light turns green and the car does not move we will honk our horn as a gesture to have the car go.
Nonverbal communication has many

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