Essay on Depression Is A Medical Problem

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Depression is a medical problem. Ups and downs, peer pressure, school, and changes in bodies can lead to depression. Leading to serious consequences that only long-term treatment can help. It can be difficult to tell the difference especially in teens and children. To preventing this a parent should have a close relationship with their child. Depression also known as major depression, clinical depression, or major depressive disorder is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest. It affects how a person feels and behave. Feelings of intense sadness, feeling helpless, hopeless and worthless and can last for days and weeks finding it hard to function. Depression is the illness that impacts the brain caused by changes in brain chemistry. Depression is a serious condition and common. The world Health Organization characterizes depression as one of the most disabling disorders in the world, affecting roughly one in five women and one in ten men at some point in their lifetime. Men in the U.S will experience an episode of depression at some point in their lifetime (University of Michigan Depression Center, 2003-14). Depression makes it hard to function and comprehend, and is different from normal sadness, depression takes over the body, feelings, and emotions. Depression varies from person to person, you may feel helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight changes, sleep changes, anger, loss of…

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