Describe Your Understanding Of Attachment / Or Brain Development

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1. Describe your understanding of attachment/or brain development prior to reading the Perry Book
Prior to reading the Perry book, my understanding of brain development comprised of what I studied from former classes in my undergrad, which was that brain development transpired throughout an individual 's life but performed a substantial role in early childhood. I understood that brain development in the early years pretty much paved the road in how an individual would develop into a teenager and later into an adult. If a child had a bad upbringing, then that would set them for struggles in teenage years such as perhaps deviant behaviors or acts of crime, but if a child had a good childhood then they wouldn’t face as many struggles in their later stages of life. In terms of child therapy, I always believed that most children that do have distressing incidents don’t go to therapy because people believe children will be able to resolve it themselves or their parents can’t afford for them to go, unless mandated by the courts.

2. How would you describe your understanding of attachment/or brain development now?
Since reading about brain development, it truly surprised me how resilient a child’s brain development can be and how differently a person either reacts to a situation or finds some way to cope with the event. One story in the book that I found most fascinating was the case with Justin in which he was brought up comparably to dogs. This specific story I found most…

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