Designing A Continuous Flow Of Information Through The Organization

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When Ghosh joined Appex, he walked into a company full of chaos, with no definable structure. The rapidly growing company was ill-equipped to manage its growth at the rate it was expanding. There were no formal policies or structures in place to manage this exponential growth. As the number of products increased the lack of structure became more pronounced. The work became mostly crisis management and damage control, leading to a decline in customer focus and production. Additionally, finances were not managed with any planning or structure causing Appex to lose money rapidly. Ghosh, eager to test his skills, attempted several organizational structural changes to stabilize Appex.
Circular Structure
Circular structure is a nonhierarchical organization structure with the senior executive, Ghosh, at the center. The circle centers on the executive, followed by the managers, then employees, and then the customers. Ghosh used this system as an attempt to create a continuous flow of information through the organization. One problem identified was that current employees could not relate and new hires did not understand. New hires looked for a hierarchy to understand the flow of power for decisions and their performance evaluation, but were unable to identify such within this organizational structure. Additionally, this structure did not formalize any type of business planning.
Horizontal structure The horizontal structure is the traditional vertical organizational…

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