Determinate Sentencing And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Determinate sentencing is defined as a judge sentencing an offender to a fixed prison term, with a sentence closely representing the actual amount of time the offender will serve; allowing the offender to release early based on good behavior or earned time (National Assessment of Structured Sentencing, n.d.). These guidelines have set a new tone for the probation officer, as a caseworker role, is no longer predominant (Sieh, 2006). The sentencing structure has changed greatly going from crime control to individualized treatment, going through a great change. The shift has caused a great transformation within the criminal justice system. This system sets the tone for many offenders throughout the system showing that crime will not be tolerated and that without an offender helping themselves first you will not be granted the chance to receive treatment through probation or parole. This is shown with the early release of many offenders for good behavior or time earned through many other options throughout their incarceration. When an offender is committing a criminal act based on rational decisions that are weighed by the most benefits, while minimizing their loss (Sieh, 2006). These trends are shown through the increase of caseloads, based on the overcrowding in prisons or jails. However, in many places the officers are faced with large caseloads using sentencing guidelines, substance abuse programs, mental health treatment, and electronic monitoring (Sieh, 2006) of…

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