Development And Personality Psychology Report Essay

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Development and Personality Psychology Report This report will be addressing different aspects of development and personality psychology. First it will go through seven items in development, then the same with personality psychology. 1) The types of work professionals in development psychology do might be Gerontology aide, Child Life Specialist, Social Policy Research, or many others. The previous titles would work with older adults, children, or a government think tank respectfully, among other possibilities (Kuther and Morgan, 2012, p. 144-153). They are positions of caring for others through psychological and other needs and desires. The types of work professionals in personality psychology do might be a Personality Psychologist, Mental Health Counselor, or a Clinical Social Worker. These positions might work with understanding thought processes, mental health issues, or helping others become valuable members of society, respectfully (Personality Psychology, n.d., para. 4). Again, positions of helping others through mentality and the processes therein. 2) The type and level of education one must achieve to work in developmental psychology vary from bachelor and graduate degrees. There are other helpful avenues that can give experience to find out what these roles will do. For instance, working or volunteering in youth clubs, hospitals, or day care called applied experience, and/or research experience in the field of one 's interest like older adults or children…

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