Developmental Psychology Essay

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In Developmental psychology there are four theories that psychologist apply to the development of the human mind. Developmental psychologist always question how much of you is due to your genes or to the environment in which your in. After reading about each of these theories, I can't say that I believe one theory to hold all the answer to the human psyche. But I do believe more strongly in some then others whether through personal experience or through observational learning. I don't think any psychologist is right by saying one theory is right, when it can be a combination of all of them because our minds have different sections too. Now I'll go into more details about each of the four
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The Learning theory in Developmental psychology says that the children's perception of the world and society is largely based on his/her own experiences through life. The child for example must learn how to read, write, how to treat others, and how to represent themselves in society through learning from others. As a parent or guardian for your child you must know how to show your child what's right and wrong by either showing them reinforcement or punishment for their actions. This is one of best theories I have heard in psychology for the short time I have been studying it, because it's easy to see how it ties into people's lives and what they should or shouldn't do in a certain situation.
The last theory in Developmental psychology is the Cognitive theory where the child figures out and solves his own problems in life, but figures out new ways of looking at or solving problems by past experiences. This is a very "natural" way of explaining a theory because it's very real due to the fact the child has to apply what he thinks to a situation based on prior situations. They developed this theory with the belief that "children represent the world in terms of their own activities. Then they move to a limited set of generalizations based on their knowledge of specific cases. Finally, they

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