Developmentally Appropriate Practices Or Dap Essay

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My research was focused on developmentally appropriate practices or DAP. DAP guidelines are broken into several different categories which can assess a teachers’ professional practices in their classroom. DAP is assessed based on students’ physical activities in a classroom, their social and emotional behaviors that occur from cognitive development inside a DAP centered classroom, student learning just to name a few. Based upon my findings in the five journal articles that I read regarding DAP, there is not a definite correlation to whether or not DAP has a positive or negative influence on student achievement, social behaviors and learning. More research on DAP needs to be conducted in order to justify its use in classrooms. The most obvious piece of information encompassed from all the authors in the five journal articles that I read is describing the word DAP and the meaning of it. DAP stands for developmentally appropriate practices. This is an ongoing research topic because researcher’s want to know if teachers use DAP inside their classroom; will there be an increase in student achievement or will it just play a role in the social and emotional behaviors in the students. Another common piece of information is the different areas that DAP focuses on or guidelines such as, “…physical, social/emotional, cognitive” (Miranda, 2000, p.298) and “DAP curricula focus on the overall development of the whole child including social, emotional, aesthetic, moral, language,…

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