Difference Between Jfk And Lbj Administrations Essays

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1. Difference between JFK and LBJ administrations is in how they operated as managers. JFK was Harvard educated and came from a wealthy family. His family connections assisted him in entering the Navy, becoming a special correspondent for the Hearst Newspaper and later his election to congress. Despite his lackluster congressional career, JFK becomes the youngest person elected to the Presidency. His Harvard and family connections become key as he selects the youngest and brightest to his staff. By contrast, LBJ was from a small town in Texas and not well connected. His education was from a small college, he worked his way up through the political ranks earning the title as a savvy politician. The staff that JFK selected remained relative unchanged after his death. The major difference was how LBJ dealt with congress, his understanding of how congress operated, and his skill as a politician results in sweep changes in civil rights, education, and other social programs. I believe that Kennedy selected the individuals he did to shift the focus of U.S. foreign policy from containment to a flexible response policy using all national powers of influence (economic, diplomatic, and military including spy agencies). This worked to LBJ’s favor allowing staff to focus on tailoring foreign response and policy, while he used his skills to influence congressional support for domestic issues. The legacy each president left are very different. JFK’s legacy begins and ends in…

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