Differences Between Personality And Lack Of Deep Communication

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I learned a lot when the class discussed individual differences. The major takeaway from this topic is that I should not assume other people’s reaction or behaviors based on my own personality because every person has a unique personality. The Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-TAK case gave a good illustration about how differences in personality and lack of deep communication between people can hinder cooperation and work relationship.
The Big 5 Personality Assessment I took gave me a clearer view about how my own characteristics are different from the overall characteristics of my peers. For example, according the test, I has a higher need for mental stability than my peers. I was upset when I saw the report for the first time. However, textbook and lecture about pros and cons of the personality traits taught me to embrace the personality differences. Now, I am more aware with my weakness and would try hard to adjust the impropriate behaviors cause by the negative side of my personality, such as being not patient enough when I receive critics on my weakness. At the same time, I would less likely to make reckless assumes over other people because I learn not to over expect somebody else will have a similar view point as I do.
Differences in personality is one of the common reasons for workplace conflicts mentioned in Chronicle article “What Causes Conflict between Employees in an Organization?” (Ferguson). In the article, the author states that misunderstanding and lack of…

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