Different Types Of Communication That People Use Daily Life Essay

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There are many different types of communication that people use in daily life. I believe that to create a smooth relationship, interpersonal communication (Alder, Rosenfeld, Proctor II, 2013, pp. 15-19) is one of the important aspects of communication that we should be familiar with. Comm 218 was only a 5-week course, but through this course I have learned a great deal of different communication styles. This communication class always reminded me of my communication style and the value of communication.
From chapter 3, 4, and 6, I’ve learned about myself, how I perceive others, and forms of nonverbal communication (Alder, Rosenfeld, Proctor II, 2013, pp. 177). We communicate with other people in order to give and receive information, which means we need to disclose ourselves, have the ability to listen to others, and be able to give and interpret additional information without using words.
As I wrote in the Hero’s Journey, as a result of a culture shock, I lost my self-esteem (Alder, Rosenfeld, Proctor II, 2013, pp. 67) of my English skill. I was hesitant to reveal myself. Consequently, I didn’t really communicated with anyone other than my friends. When I met my cousin, she became my mentor. Her words made a powerful impression on me. After I aware some challenge to change my self-concept (Alder, Rosenfeld, Proctor II, 2013, pp. 66), I slowly felt that I’ve regained my self-confidence. I reflected on what I have learned in this class and my experience, then I realized that…

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