Diversity And Difference Within Classrooms And Communities Essay

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Diversity and difference occur in classrooms and communities, both intentionally and unintentionally based on socioeconomic class, cultural background or gender stereotypes. Educators must have awareness and understanding of these issues to ensure that all children are given equal opportunities to education and resources; to assist children is forming tolerant and positive views of diversity or difference; and to ensure that diversity among students is supported and promoted.
The Early Years Learning Framework [EYLF] and the general capabilities section of the Australian Curriculum outline expected achievements in relation to accepting and understanding diversity and difference. These curricula aim to assist children in developing a strong sense of identity, gaining appreciation of diversity and difference and encouraging community participation. (Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2015; Early Years Learning Framework [EYLF], 2015)
Valuing diversity and difference amongst peers and wider communities allows children to develop skills and abilities – both academic and social – to enable them to become active contributors to the community throughout their lives.

Educators encounter socioeconomic diversity or disadvantage on the grounds of family income, parental education levels or occupations, as well as schooling or residing in varying socioeconomic neighbourhoods. Educators need to be aware of, and understand these differences in order to…

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