Do Children Of Overprotecting Parents Suffer More From Anxiety?

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Do children of overprotecting parents suffer more from anxiety?
It is not rare to see children having the same emotional difficulties as adults, sometimes their fragile characters are prone to be exposed to stress, depression, and anxiety. When that happens we wonder what caused it. Parents blame themselves, or the environmental causes such as the school, the amount of homework, teachers approach on certain situations, and also the friends these children associate themselves with.
My research will focus on young women from the age of eight to twelve, residing in the city of Great Falls, suffering from anxiety. The anxiety will be measured by using HAM-A (Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale). At the end of the school year questionnaires were sent home to parents, together with a questionnaire about parenting style we need. The questionnaire is based on a Likert scale. Two weeks after I got the questionnaires back all 2nd graders to 6th graders were tested for anxiety. Afterwards, the school counselor gathered together only the results of the females. I randomly picked the ones I will use for our samples, by using a random number calculator and assigning the students number one through two hundred; I ran the random number calculator sixty five times to select the students for my sample.
The research will include children from age 8-12, females. They will be selected randomly from Lewis and Clark elementary school. The total number of parents filling out the…

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